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New York Giants Tush Push

WATCH: The New York Giants ran the ‘tush push’ last night and the result was absolutely horrible

The New York Giants fell to 1-3 last night after losing in embarrassing fashion yet again, this time at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks, 24-3. 

Daniel Jones continues to prove that his 4-year, $160 million contract was an absolute bust and the Giants offensive remains in complete shambles. Jones finished the night completing 27-of-34 passes for 203 yards and 2 interceptions. On the ground, he carried the football 10 times for 66 yards. 

Worst Contract Ever? Daniel Jones – 4 years, $160M

The biggest issue with the “tush push” or if you want to roll with the Philly name version “Brotherly Shove” is that literally no other team can manage to pull it off as successfully as the Philadelphia Eagles. 

Why? Because they have trash offensive lines and their quarterback isn’t Jalen Hurts, a guy who can deadlift roughly 600 pounds with ease.

For whatever reason, people never bring that up when talking about the now-controversial play.

Tush Push Cope: NFL fans everywhere continue to cry over Eagles’ unstoppable play

The New York Giants attempted the tush push last night after never even practicing it in a live situation. Presumably, they bought into the narrative that this was an easy play and a “cheat code” used by their NFC East rivals in Philadelphia.

That clearly was not the case. Instead, the Giants gained zero yards while two players, John Michael Schmitz and Daniel Bellinger, were both injured on the play. 

New York Giants Tush Push

Also worth noting: The Giants allowed 11 SACKS last night but sure, let’s run the tush push. Clearly your the G-Men’s offensive line can handle that. Idiots.

Every time there is a failed attempt at the play that the Eagles do so effortlessly, that’s a win for the Birds and the city of Philadelphia. All of these idiots continue to make fools of themselves. 

  • Complain about the tush push 
  • Attempt the tush push 
  • Fail at successfully doing the tush push 
  • Complain about the tush push
  • And…repeat. 

Honestly it’s embarrassing and continues to get worse every single week. Mind you, we’ve only made it through four weeks of the NFL season.

At this rate, there will be an insurrection at Lincoln Financial Field come Christmas time and every other team will be calling up practice squad players to fill the holes on their offensive line and quarterback position because everyone keeps getting injured. 

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