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Miami Herald reporter cries on Twitter over Nick Castellanos ring finger, says it wasn’t a ‘good look’

The Philadelphia Phillies beat the Miami Marlins last night in Game 1 of the NL Wild Card series 4-1.

Nick Castellanos and the rest of the Phillies bats were fantastic, specifically on the right side of the plate against the Marlins’ left-hand dominant pitching staff. Trea Turner, Alec Bohm, Castellanos, and Johan Rojas were a combined 6-for-15 from the plate last night with 4 doubles.

Casty roped a double, putting two runners in scoring position and immediately turned to the Phillies’ dugout, seemingly flipping them off.

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Upon further review, it was revealed Castellanos instead flashed his ring finger to his teammates, indicating that he wants a World Series ring on that finger, and he’s ready to stomp all over the Marlins.

Nick Castellanos Double Celly

Nick Castellanos Ring Finger

Obviously, anyone watching took to the internet to share screenshots of Castellanos as the crowd at Citizens Bank Park went absolutely insane. It was a great moment in the game and almost everyone enjoyed the spark from Castellanos. Some however, were none too pleased with the celebration.

Miami Herald reporter Greg Cote took to Twitter to share his displeasure with Castellanos, stating that Nick was on National TV and regardless of whether he flashed his middle finger (the horror!) or his ring finger, it was NOT a good look.

Greg Cote: Zero Fun at Parties

First, I would like to commend Greg Cote for actually taking a job writing about the Miami Marlins. They are a poverty franchise with no real fan base in a city that doesn’t appreciate baseball.

It must be tough to wake up every morning and write about a team that even while making the playoffs, really never stood a chance of getting out of the NL Wild Card, regardless of the opponent. 

Thanks Greg. You’re doing great. 

Now, we can move onto Mr. Cote’s wild tweet. I’m honestly not even sure what he’s mad about, but typically when something like this pops up on the internet, it’s because the person tweeting is dealing with personal issues and instead wanted to take his frustration out on Nick Castellanos for, well, pointing a finger at his own dugout after hitting a double in the MLB postseason.

I’m not doing this moving forward. People like Greg Cote are the WORST. Now that the postseason is here, everyone and their mothers will have opinions (bad ones at that) about the Phillies and their players. Got no time for the nonsense, ya know?

Why Castellanos flashing his ring finger after hitting a double in the Phillies 4-1 victory over the Fish is a bad thing? Your guess is as good as mine.

Can’t wait to see what Greg Cote has to say tonight when the Phillies knock the Fish out of the postseason and do “big ball” celly’s all over his beloved Marlins.

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