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Sixers Buzz: Danuel House Jr. throws shade at Doc Rivers, praises Nick Nurse

After returning to the floor for training camp, the Sixers made many different headlines today.

James Harden rejoining the team was the main one, but a few more exciting things took place.

I’m over the Harden saga and want to provide a different angle that certainly deserves the attention of Sixers fans. That is how the end of the bench player Danuel House Jr. handled his praise of new head coach Nick Nurse.

I’m also kidding about the shade I just threw at Mr. House; he was excellent for the team in the playoffs last year, which is more about the team’s poor bench construction than anything.

WATCH: Danuel House Jr. Throws Shade at Former Sixers coach Doc Rivers

Question: Obviously, it’s very early but how would you contrast the different types of concepts that you had with Doc versus [Nick Nurse].

“I can tell you the difference now. No, It was just a lot more more selfless basketball, it’s not so much so much of two guys having a ball, doc’s two guys, ball dominant, Nick Nurses, everybody played together. Everybody works with each other. He’ll cut to get your brother an open shot. So you can see the difference night and day.”

Talk about letting it fly. These comments are the kind of meat and potatoes that real Sixers fans want. Why should we tune into this team this year? We are worn out of these diva players quitting on the team and getting suckered in every year by trades, etc., just for the team to fall short of the Eastern Conference finals every year.

Everyone seems incredibly down on the Sixers, reasonably so. Still, something about that dynamic paired with Nick Nurse and the culture attempting to be set here has me feeling optimistic. I’m not saying this team will reach the NBA Finals, but I think it could be a fun and competitive team in a year projected as a “down year.”

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