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Braves radio broadcasters whined about Bryce Harper’s celebration in embarrassing fashion during Game 3

Everything about the Braves is just lame. Their ace doesn’t like fans, the mascot is a ripoff loser, and their shortstop has to start writing insults in a burn book because he can’t keep his yap shut.

On top of all that, the Braves radio broadcasters are cope artists at best and babies at worst, saying Bryce Harper’s throat-slash celebration is in poor taste (second video in thread):

First of all, that celebration is sick. Second of all, Harper owns you.

You can literally hear him mentally search for a reason to be upset that isn’t stupid. Sadly for him, he never found it.

Speaking of being in poor taste, are these guys forgetting the tomahawk chop?

I’m not here to litigate the level of offensiveness the chant holds, but a lot of people and interest groups have asked the franchise to stop the chop. In general, if a lot of people ask me to stop doing something they don’t like, I usually stop doing it.

Many have retired the chant, but the Braves remain steadfast in their commitment to mocking Native Americans. But god forbid Bryce Harper does a throat-slash while your family plantation rests on stolen land. We must put a stop to his ghoulish behavior.

In honesty, my apartment probably does too, but I’m not here playing morality police while my team gets waxed on national TV. Let’s keep everything consistent, mkay, bud?

Just shut up, old man. Get a life and touch some grass because this series ends Thursday, and so does your season. Hopefully, Bryce Harper gives you a personal throat slash on the way out, dork.

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Very real and legitimate journalist. I don't see a loss on the schedule.

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  1. If the tomahawk chop is offensive to you and Phillie fans as you say, you may want yell your fans to not do it in order to mock Braves fans. It is a little of a double standard. Also, babies were beheaded this week end in Israel, so being sensitive to that might be a good idea.

    1. We aren’t in Israel, your loser right fielder purposely mocks fans in opposing teams stadiums dancing around the bases doing the Eagles arm flap, then when our team congratulates your team for clinching on our field, that same loser taunts the fans again. Buckle up buttercup tonight’s gonna be wild.

  2. Grow up everyone it is just a game . The Phillies and Braves are old time rivals. The Braves and their fans get a taste of their own medicine and don’t like it. They can be poor sports.They are poor losers and poor winners. As soon as our team started wearing the special made beaded necklaces Ronald Acuna Jr went and had one made to mock our players.


  4. The broadcasters are a bunch of babies. It was okay when Acuna did his home run celebration against the Phillies a few weeks okay. But when an opponent is celebrating during a home run trot. It is a game if you can not handle the heat get out of the kitchen.

  5. Hey drew,
    You say the Braves show up small in the post season. Let me refresh your memory. The Braves won the WS in 2021. When was the last phillies championship? About 15 years ago? You wont win this year either because Arizona will crush you losers. You and your writers need to grow up and shut up. By the way, your manager rob thompson started the cryfest.

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