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Orlando Arcia, Braves furious with media for leaking “Atta-boy Harper” comment

Orlando Arcia and his Braves teammates are unhappy with the media for leaking the “Atta-boy Harper” comment and riling up Bryce Harper ahead of a pivotal Game 3. While some Braves fans claimed the quote was fake, their shortstop was asked about it postgame and confirmed it did, in fact, happen.

Orlando Arcia’s response was simple:

Well, that settles that. Arcia absolutely said what was reported, and everyone is just upset someone put it out in public.

Braves fans initially rushed to his defense, screaming, “He can’t speak a lick of English! There’s no way he could’ve said that!” Which first of all, it’s odd to infantilize a foreign player like that. He’s a grown man.

Second of all, he just said he said it. So shut up and take your whooping, folks.

Everyone knows you shouldn’t talk if you’re not ready to back it up. Clearly, the Braves weren’t up for that, losing 10-2 with Atta-boy Harper going deep twice and staring down Orlando Arcia as he rounded the basepaths.

Also, just a thought. If you want to talk shit without it getting back to the subject, maybe don’t do it in a room full of reporters. I get you’re in your own locker room, but if there’s an interesting angle on a story, any one of them worth their salt is going to pounce on it for sweet, sweet clicks.

Teammate Travis d’Arnaud was almost in tears calling the clubhouse a “sanctuary.”:

Give me a break. As they say across the pond: chat shit, get banged. And that’s exactly what happened to the Braves in Game 3.

Bryce Harper staredown of Orlando Arcia

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Very real and legitimate journalist. I don't see a loss on the schedule.

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