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Bryce Harper Orlando Arcia Postgame

Bryce Harper on Arcia Death Stares in Game 3: “Yeah, I stared right at him…”

The Philadelphia Phillies are just one win away from advancing to the NLCS against the Arizona Diamondbacks after destroying the Atlanta Braves in Game 3, 10-2 last night at Citizens Bank Park.

Aaron Nola dazzled on the mound while Bryce Harper and Nick Castellanos led a power surge at the plate, as the Phillies hit 6 home runs in the 8-run route of their NL East division rivals. While there are plenty of storylines to highlight, the main one happened after Game 2 between Orlando Arcia and Bryce Harper, which carried into last night.

To recap, the Phillies dropped Game 2 of the NLDS on Monday, losing to Atlanta 5-4 after the Braves managed to complete at 4-0 comeback over the last three innings of the game to even the series 1-1.

Following Game 2, Fox Sports reported that Braves shortstop Orlando Arcia took a stroll through the Braves’ locker room following Game 2, “cackling” and repeatedly saying, “Ha-ha, atta-boy, Harper,” referring to Bryce Harper’s base-running mistake that ended the game.

The Fox Sports Story Quote

Here’s the original story regarding what happened following Game 2 in Atlanta, which was posted by Jake Mints at Fox Sports. 

“While Riley’s blast flipped the score, Harris’ outrageous snag and Harper’s consequent blunder was the talk of Atlanta’s locker room after the game. Kevin Pillar’s young son, sporting a custom “Money Mike” headband, waddled over to his favorite center fielder for a fist bump. Third-string catcher Chadwick Tromp strutted by Harris’ locker offering a congratulatory “Mike is him!” All while Braves shortstop Orlando Arcia cackled emphatically about Harper’s misfortune, bellowing “ha-ha, atta-boy, Harper!” repeatedly as reporters circled the room.”

The story obviously caught some legs on social media. Braves fans, claimed that wasn’t even a real quote and cowered to Phillies fans, much like their mascot did ahead of Game 1 of the series, practically begging for forgiveness for the “fake news”.

Honestly, the quote did sound fake. Why would Arcia say something like that with media present in the locker room? Did the Braves really want to poke the bear that is Bryce Harper before heading back to Philadelphia for Games 3 & 4 with the series tied 1-1?

Poke The Bear? In 30 games, including the playoffs, Harper has hit .316 with 20 extra-base hits (12 HR) and 26 RBI against Atlanta.

I didn’t believe it. I also didn’t believe the Phillies locker room would ever catch wind of the quote but as it turns out, the quote definitely made it back to the Phillies clubhouse.

Bryce Harper and Nick Castellanos both showed up in Deon Sanders jersey’s echoing the “It’s Personal” quote without saying a word as they walked into Citizens Bank Park for ahead of Game 3. The result? Castellanos and Harper each hit two home runs and accounted for 7 out of the 10 RBI the Phillies had on the night. 

Bryce Harper & Nick Castellanos: NLDS Game 3

  • Bryce Harper: 2-5, 2 HR, 4 RBI, 2 R 
  • Nick Castellanos: 2-4, 2 HR, 3 RBI, 2 R

Bryce Harper, who tends to rise to the occasion in the biggest moments of baseball, was incredible last night. After Nick Castellanos tied it up in the bottom of the third inning, Harper stepped up to the plate and crushed a 3-run home run to give the Phillies a 4-1 lead in the game.

As he ran around the bases, he delivered “death stare” one of two on the night to Orlando Arcia. 

WATCH: Every angle of Bryce Harper’s Home Runs, Arcia Death Stares >>

While Braves fans, radio broadcasters, and members of the media cried about Bryce Harper’s “Cut Throat” celly, the flood gates were open and as we all know, the Phillies went on to destroy the Atlanta Braves 10-2 in Game 3, reminiscent of the same beat down that was given by The Fightins last year during NLDS Game 3, which was also against the Atlanta Braves.

Phillies: 3rd Inning of Game 3 of NLDS 2022:

  • 6 runs
  • Hoskins’ bat spike 3-run HR
  • Knocked SP from game
  • 8 run victory

Phillies: 3rd Inning of Game 3 of NLDS 2023:

  • 6 runs
  • Harper’s huge 3-run HR
  • Knocked SP from game
  • 8 run victory

As if the events last night couldn’t get even more insane, reporters asked both Harper and Arcia about the quote and the two death stares given by Bryce when we was rounding the bases.

Needless to say, the Atlanta Braves weren’t too happy about it and immediately blamed everyone. but themselves for adding fuel to the fire.

Orlando Arcia about Bryce Harper quote

Travis d’Arnaud on Arcia Quote and the Media

Funny, right? I bet it would be a big “non-issue” if the Braves actually showed up for Game 3. But since they got absolutely destroyed and are now on the brink of elimination, I guess we should blame the media for being in the locker room and reporting on what players are saying and doing after what was an electric 4-run comeback victory in the postseason.

Honestly, just pathetic responses from both of them. Have some dignity, ya know?

Over on the Phillies side, Bryce Harper took the podium and addressed the “death stares” directly, saying that he “stared right at Arcia” twice.

Bryce Harper Death Stares

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear the Braves have much of anything left to offer and tonight, will almost certainly be the final nail in the coffin. Ranger Suarez will take the mound, opposing Spencer Strider looking to punch the Phillies’ tickets to the NLCS for a matchup against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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