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AJ Brown responds to Donovan McNabb saying Eagles offense is being catered towards him ever since he complained

Former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb appeared on 94.1 WIP yesterday, sharing his thoughts on the team through the first six weeks of the 2023 NFL season.

Donovan McNabb on Eagles, AJ Brown

AJ Brown responds to Donovan McNabb on Twitter

AJ Brown made it clear that his conversation with Jalen Hurts on the sidelines earlier this season was NOT about targets, but even if it was, why is that being painted as something negative for the Philadelphia Eagles?

The entire conversation doesn’t even make sense. Just because one player is getting a bulk of the targets while putting up monster numbers doesn’t mean other players are being neglected because of it.

That’s not really happening with the Eagles regardless.

Yes, Brown currently ranks second in the NFL in receiving yards. It’s actually funny how there’s this narrative that ever since AJ “complained” the offense hasn’t been the same, but in reality, from that point on, Jalen has been throwing for way more yards and the result of that is more targets for all receivers.

Here’s the breakdown of targets against the Jets on Sunday. What are we talking about?

  • DeVonta Smith: 11
  • D’Andre Swift: 10
  • AJ Brown: 9
  • Dallas Goedert: 8

Looks spread around to me. The only real issues for the Eagles have been the turnovers and lack of redzone success. And regardless of how much I love him, let’s not pretend Smitty didn’t just drop two routine catches this past Sunday. After the timeout heading into that final 4th down play for the Eagles, the team elected to target Smith with everything on the line.

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It’s incredibly ignorant to try and put all of the offensive blame on one of the best wide receivers in the game, who is honestly carrying the team in the passing game. The offense must collectively figure out a more efficient and effective game plan (looking at you, Brian Johnson) which includes a heavy dose of AJ Brown because, well, literally no one can stop him.

Correcting the lack of tempo or spreading the ball around isn’t a tricky fix either; it just comes down to the scheme and utilizing all the different talent the Eagles have on offense (again, looking at you Brian Johnson).

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McNabb does have a point here on the Eagles offense

“It goes back to last year, the first year A.J. Brown got there. Maybe in the first four or five games, DeVonta Smith looked like he was the true number even with A.J. Brown and A.J. Brown started getting more features. Now it seems like we’re featuring more of A.J. Brown and pulling away from the true run game. We threw the ball over 40 times in that game, I believe right? In the Jets game. That’s not our offense. Our offense is getting Swift about 18 touches, somehow in the passing game or running game. Get Gainwell about 12-15 touches and then Jalen gets about 5-6 carries if it’s from a scramble or read-option, whatever it may be.”

I am with McNabb here, mostly the part about pulling away from the run game, which opens up RPOs and the passing game. I’m honestly tired of that debate regarding DeVonta being the team’s #1 over Brown. Both players are studs and can completely wreck the opposing team’s secondaries. I agree they must get Smitty more involved, but that falls more on Hurts and the offensive coordinator. This isn’t about “featuring” AJ Brown, the team’s best option.

The issue here is McNabb appears to be giving off the vibe that he thinks this situation is identical to what happened between him and Terrell Owens which is no surprise, typically when McNabb speaks, it’s about something to do with him and his time here in Philadelphia rather than the topic at hand.

Not to mention, that couldn’t be further from the truth as Hurts and Brown are both two completely different players and people. Everyone just needs to pay attention to what’s actually happened so far this season. It’s not hard to see where the issues are for the Eagles on offense.

According to John Clark of NBC Sports Philadelphia, A.J. Brown was one of the several Eagles players, including Haason Reddick, Jalen Hurts, Fletcher Cox, and DeVonta Smith who spoke to the team and took accountability after the team’s first loss this past Sunday.

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