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James Harden staredown

WATCH: James Harden stares down fan in Michael Myers costume holding “Bring Me Harden” sign

James Harden’s relationship with the city of Philadelphia is… complicated. The Sixers “star” is currently not suiting up for the squad as he remains embattled in a war with the front office, which has led fans to publicly express their distaste for him.

A fan at the home opener donned a Michael Myers costume and held a sign that said “Bring Me Harden”, but James Harden was not about to back down:

First off, I have to give props to the guy in the costume. A lesser man would have tried to play it off once Harden noticed him.

Sure, he’s wearing a mask, which is psychologically proven to embolden even the weakest cowards, but I digress.

I also have to shout out Harden in this scenario. If he was LeBron James, he would’ve had Mike Myers tossed from the game without a second thought.

Instead, he locked eyes with his foe and didn’t even blink. That’s the most fight I’ve seen from him since he called Daryl Morey a liar in China.

Listen to Grease the Poles!

Mandatory Credit: Chris Scorch

Very real and legitimate journalist. I don't see a loss on the schedule.

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