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Mark Schlereth

WATCH: Mark Schlereth says he doesn’t hate Eagles fans; proceeds to call us all ‘candy ass bitches’

After last week’s contest between the Eagles and Commanders, one of the announcers of that matchup, Mark Schlereth, has ben receiving a lot of backlash online from the Eagles faithful.

A lot of fans seem to think he called a bias game against Philly and was clearly in favor of Washington during the broadcast. Honestly, I didn’t really take it like that – I just think he’s a shitty announcer that doesn’t add much to a broadcast.

Throughout the past week, Schlereth has come out multiple times to defend himself against the hoard of Eagles Twitter. On the most recent episode of his podcast “The Stinkin’ Truth With Mark Schlereth,” he claimed that he doesn’t hate Eagles fans at all, and that he actually enjoys the hate he’s getting. Then, he proceeded to call Eagles fans a bunch of “candy ass bitches.”

Mark Schlereth is all over the place here

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This clip actually speaks to why Schlereth is such a bad announcer. He’s all over the place and can’t stick with an angle. One second he likes us, the next he’s calling us bitches for criticizing him. Gotta be consistent Marky, we see right through this shit.

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