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Jordan Mailata Brotherly Shove New Heights Podcast

WATCH: Resident rugby expert Jordan Mailata says The Brotherly Shove is NOT a rugby play

Philadelphia’s resident rugby expert Jordan Mailata joined his fellow Eagles’ offensive lineman Jason Kelce on the New Heights Podcast to discuss what everyone refuses to shut up about this NFL season, The Brotherly Shove. 

One of the main criticisms of the “Tush Push” or better known as, “The Brotherly Shove” is that it’s not a football play, but rather comes from rugby, which Mailata played before being drafted by the Eagles. 

The debate is now over.

Mailata, stated that The Brotherly Shove has absolutely nothing to do with rugby and was puzzled by anyone who would even suggest that was the case. Yes, we’re looking at you, Peter King.

New Heights Podcast: Jordan Mailata on The Brotherly Shove

“It’s got nothing to do with any rugby movements… It’s not a rugby play, dude a scrum is much harder than the tush push… I learned the Brotherly Shove here at the Eagles, I didn’t incorporate anything, like to carry over, you, JP (Jason Peters), and Stout (Jeff Stoutland) taught me the Brotherly Shove. I just do what you taught me all those years ago. That’s what I do now. I don’t want to give it away, but I just do what you essentially taught me and it works every time.”

You can miss me with the “it’s too dangerous” narrative as well. The play isn’t high-impact (Shoutout Jason Kelce) and it’s no more dangerous than a running back running straight ahead into a pile of defenders or a wide receive getting left out to dry over the center of the field. 

People hate The Brotherly Shove because they can’t do it as successful as the Philadelphia Eagles. Plain and simple. Since no one else can run it, naturally, opposing teams and fans are now trying to cancel it. 

Listen, I won’t pretend I watch rugby or know anything about it because I certainly do not. I know who does, however. Jordan Mailata. That’s all I needed to hear to put The Brotherly Shove conversation to rest. I suggest you follow suit and do the same. Mark the “rugby play” excuse off the list. It’s over. 

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