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D'Andre Swift Eagles Commanders

D’Andre Swift fined nearly $10K for basically playing football against the Washington Commanders last weekend

Apparently playing football is now a fine in the NFL.

According to Josh Tolentino of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the NFL has fined D’Andre Swift nearly $10,000.00 for “Unnecessary Roughness” that occurred when the Eagles’ running back truck-sticked over Washington Commanders safety Percy Butler last weekend. 

D’Andre Swift fined nearly $10K for playing football against Washington Commanders

Crazy right? Wild that a running back can be fined anything just because an opposing player is trying to tackle them. For the life of me I cannot figure out how this play would even be reviewed let alone end in a $10K fine for Swift. I guess because he lowered his helmet?

Honestly makes zero sense but that’s just the way the NFL works these days. It’s like they want to completely ruin football. Next thing you know, we’re heading into Dallas week and Jalen Hurts is taking the field with flags on his hips instead of pads. 


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