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Rocky Statue Dak Prescott Jersey

A ‘Cowboys fan’ thought it would be a smart idea to put a Dak Prescott jersey on Rocky Statue

Welp, just a few days after writing about the Rocky Statue and how someone put a ‘Dallas Sucks’ chain on it ahead of today’s game, here come the rats better known as Cowboys fans, out there all alone in the early hours of the morning attempting to put a Dak Prescott on that big chunk of metal outside the Art Museum.

Dallas Cowboys Fans Put Dak Prescott Jersey on Rocky Statue

Side Note: Before we get into it, spare me the “jinxes and curses aren’t real” comments. I get it. However, there’s a long history of opposing teams screwing with the Rocky Statue and then losing big games. Don’t blame me for writing about it. Blame the numbers.

Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes List: Recent Rocky Statue Losses

  • 2015: Giants: L
  • 2017: Vikings: L (NFC Championship Game)
  • 2018: Patriots: L (Super Bowl 52)
  • 2022: Astros L (World Series Game 3)
  • 2023: Giants L 
  • 2023: 49ers – L (NFC Championship Game)
  • 2023: Chiefs* – W (Super Bowl in Arizona, False Flag)
  • 2024: Diamondbacks (5 Fans, NLCS Game 1) – L
  • 2024: Dolphins – L 
  • 2024: Cowboys – TBD

This guy Nick Mazzuca is posting in a Facebook group called “NFC East #HeavyHittaz” and writing personal messages to Micah Parsons like he’s going to read them. Incredible. 

Let’s be very clear on what we are seeing in the photo above.

Mr. Mazzuca went out in the early hours of the morning with a ladder to the Rocky Statue and lazily put a Dak Prescott jersey on it. He then got on Facebook, posted the photo and wrote a message to Micah Parsons but wanted to be clear that the poor display of the jersey on the statue was only because he was running late to work and that the effort given was “the best he could do.”

Oh man. That’s absolutely hilarious but honestly, pretty pathetic.

I will clarify yet again that any time this happens, it has nothing to do with the Rocky Statue. It’s more of the fact that these loser opposing fanbases think that anyone actually cares what they do to that dumb statue of Rocky outside of the Art Museum. It means absolutely nothing to the majority of Philadelphians and sports fans in this city.

That statue is there for tourists and the locals who try to make a quick $5 by taking pictures of them in front of it. Outside of that, completely meaningless. Literally no one cares about the Rocky Statue. You can take that chunk of metal and toss it in the Schuylkill River for all I care.

The narrative that people in Philadelphia care about two things, Rocky and Cheesesteaks is absolutely insane and couldn’t be further from the truth. The majority of people don’t give a shit about the Rocky statue in the city of Philadelphia which is why it’s even more funny that people from out of town think it’s some major insult to our city and sports culture.

Then on top of that, every time it happens, their team loses. We’re laughing at you.

Go Birds. Fuck The Cowboys.

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  1. F the Eagles and their pathetic fan base. Got outplayed again and lucked into another win (thanks refs). Your team is going nowhere.

  2. I am a HUGE Philly fan (4 for 4) but I disagree with Drew Smith’s assessment of the Rocky statue. The statue represents the true grit and the ‘never give up’ attitude our city is known for.

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