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Eagles Staff Member Red Thong

Was this Eagles staff member wearing a red thong on the sidelines during today’s 28-23 win against the Cowboys?

With the Eagles up 21-17 just a few minutes into the third quarter during today’s 28-23 win over the Dallas Cowboys, KaVontae Turpin was hit out of bounds and ended up taking a few bodies to the ground with him in the process.

Matt Leo, a defensive and football operations assistant for the Eagles, hit the ground and while he was getting up, the broadcast showed what appeared to be an interesting choice of underwear. 

Was Eagles’ Matt Leo wearing a red thong? 

Eagles Staff Member Red Thong

Listen, I’m not here to judge anyone’s choice of underwear. There’s a million options out there and maybe Leo just feels more comfortable roaming the sidelines with a string between his cheeks. It’s really none of my business. 

Also worth noting: Matt Leo is originally from Australia so who knows what actually happens down there. Maybe wearing thongs is completely normal down under, right? 

Even with evidence that appears to be a thong, I’m not ready to crucify Leo. We can’t just operate under the assumption that he’s wearing a thong for crying out loud.

This is America. Innocent until proven guilty. 

Plus, the Eagles were lucky as hell to get a win against the Cowboys today. They literally had everything working against them, from Dak Prescott running out of bounds on a 2-point conversion to several plays falling inches short of first downs and touchdowns to an officiating crew that called the game like they had something shoved between their ass cracks, there was a million reasons why the Birds should have lost the game.

Point being, whatever Matt Leo was wearing, it clearly got the job done. I’m pretty sure Jalen Hurts said that in a postgame press conference recently that a win is a win, regardless of under garments. 

I do however, have my doubts that red thongs will catch on like the dog masks but you never know.

Arguably Worse: Matt Leo Rumored to be wearing PSD underwear, not a thong

There’s a lot of people saying that he was wearing a PSDs, which is a mens athletic underwear brand. Check their website here. They have Tyler Herro, LeBron James’ kid, and Marvel comics sponsoring their product. In my humble opinion, that’s arguably worse than wearing a red thong. 

Again, the Eagles can wear absolutely nothing on the sidelines as long as they are winning football games. Philadelphia is now 8-1 on the season and will have a BYE next week before heading to Kansas City to play the Chiefs on Monday Night Football the following week.

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