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Taylor Swift Eagles Chiefs Outfit

If Taylor Swift shows up to Arrowhead Stadium in anything but Eagles gear, we must issue her a lifetime ban from ever performing again in Philadelphia

Taylor Swift has a career altering decision to make if she attends the Philadelphia Eagles vs Kansas City Chiefs game on Monday Night Football at Arrowhead Stadium.

Listen, I have long said here on The Liberty Line that the only Kelce-Swift duo we should acknowledge throughout the NFL season is Jason Kelce and D’Andre Swift. I even said that it was corny WIP would ask Jason about his brother’s dating life while we are trying to get back to the Super Bowl this year and get revenge on Travis Kelce and the Chiefs.

I don’t like any of it but at some points, I have no choice but to chime in on the topic at hand, ya know?

That being said, it’s been a long bye week with no Eagles football and I think now is time we address the elephant in the room that’s been clouding the minds of all Philadelphia Eagles fans.

What will Taylor Swift be wearing if she’s in attendance for the Philadelphia Eagles Monday Night Football game against the Kansas City Chiefs? 

At the beginning of Summer, Taylor Swift came to South Philadelphia for three-straight, sold-out nights of her “Eras Tour” at Lincoln Financial Field. During the first night’s show, Swift took the time to clear up what was apparently a debate regarding the lyrics in one of her songs “Gold Rush”.  

The lyrics in question were “with my Eagles t-shirt hanging from the door” and apparently her fanbase were confused on whether or not that was a reference to the band or the professional sports team. 

Quick T-Swift Knowledge: Taylor Swift is a West Reading, Pennsylvania native who has sang at Philadelphia 76ers and Philadelphia Phillies games when she was younger. Swift addressed the lyrics directly while performing in front of a sold out crowd at The Linc, saying the following: 

Taylor Swift on Eagles reference in her song ‘Gold Rush’

Taylor Swift announced to a sold out crowd at Lincoln Financial Field that the lyrics were about the Philadelphia Eagles and that she’s from Philly so of course it was about them and not the band.

“Guys, like, c’mon. I’m from Philly, of course it’s the team.”

Okay so now that we’re all caught up, let’s get to Monday night between the Eagles and Chiefs. The Liberty Line will be in attendance at Arrowhead Stadium courtesy of Phans of Philly which I’m PUMPED about because we will be spared from watching the television broadcast which will almost certainly be focused around the Kelce brothers and if Taylor Swift is in attendance.

That and of course, Phans of Philly literally handles EVERYTHING from flights, transportation, hotels, tickets, and tailgates. It’s the best way to travel to any Philly sports away game. Period.

So what’s Taylor going to wear on Monday night? You have the world’s biggest music star dating Travis Kelce, the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs who also happen to be playing the Philadelphia Eagles, a team that Taylor Swift stated herself that she’s from Philly and grew up an Eagles fan. 

This is a big decision that should carry severe consequences based on her outfit.

If Taylor Swift doesn’t show up wearing Eagles gear on Monday night then she needs to be issued a LIFETIME BAN from ever performing at Lincoln Financial Field and honestly, the city of Philadelphia. 

Starting immediately, we can take preventative measures by removing Taylor Swift songs from playlists. Philly radio stations and bars should take her songs out of rotation until we know where the loyalty lies.

Sorry Swifties, I really don’t see any other way around it. Has to be done and when it happens, I really need everyone to show some dignity and stand behind the ban. I assure you, I will do the same by singing her praises for wearing Eagles gear. Regardless of the outcome, we must remain a unified front and stay strong with our conviction.

From a relationship perspective, I would bet a lot of money that Travis Kelce certainly doesn’t give a shit what Taylor Swift wears to one of his games and it would probably be considered a respectable and funny move if Swift showed up in Eagles gear.

On Multiple occasions, Travis wearing Eagles gear and requesting Kelly Green jerseys from Jason on their New Heights Podcast. It would be a non-issue to Travis, but almost certainly cause some discontent within the Kansas City Chiefs fan base. 

Do I think that will happen? No. I don’t think Taylor Swift isn’t cool enough to rock Eagles gear to the game after claiming “she’s from Philly” and her lyrics were about Eagles football and not the band. I hope I’m wrong, but I just can’t see that happening.

So again, if it plays out that way, then lifetime ban from the city of Philadelphia.

That’s what we agreed upon above. Period. 

A lifetime ban would be completely justified. Everyone in Philly turned a blind eye as Taylor Swift claimed she was from here while really being from West Reading, Pennsylvania before moving to Nashville at a very young age.

We then opened the doors for Taylor Swift and praised her for being “one of us” by rooting for Philly sports teams. The red carpet was laid out and she walked right down it into Philadelphia sports fandom, highlighted by a 30+ second speech during her sold out show at The Linc, to confess her love for the Eagles.

There’s no coming back from that. 

Obviously, it would be wild if that happened and Swift decided to not show up in Chiefs gear to support her boyfriend. That’s probably the likely outcome here, right? Taylor Swift turns a blind eye to the city of Philadelphia and sticks with Travis and the Chiefs? I would think so.

Last weekend, Taylor’s dad, a known Eagles fan, was in Argentina rocking a Kansas City Chiefs lanyard while dapping up Travis Kelce.

Traitor: Taylor Swift’s dad (Eagles fan) wearing a Chiefs lanyard

Taylor Swift dad traitor

Swifties, I’m telling you, a lifetime ban is coming. I’m begging you. Be ready. You’re lucky the ban hasn’t started after that picture. I predict Monday night will be the final nail in the coffin.

Swift is galavanting around the South America with Travis Kelce and making out with him on stage while changing lyrics of your songs to reference him. Would she actually turn her back on not only Travis but the Kansas City fan base like that? Doubtful. 

My guess is either one of the following happens, which are arguably the two worst outcomes.

Taylor Swift shows up in neutral colors OR pulls a Donna Kelce and wears a split jersey like she did during last year’s Super Bowl. Again, either of these options would obviously be the lamest outcomes available and anything else but full support of the Philadelphia Eagles must be looked at as a failure and yes, a lifetime ban from the city of Philadelphia. 

We want closure on Taylor Swift and the NFL once and for all. There’s no middle ground anymore.

Taylor Swift had nine weeks to figure this out and obviously knew this game was on the schedule.

Now, there’s no neutrality. Swift must continue to pledge her allegiance to the city of Philadelphia or turn her back on this city one last time and be stuck rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs for the rest of her life, regardless if her relationship with Travis Kelce continues. 

Might sound harsh but outside of beating the Chiefs on the road Monday night, it’s the only way Eagles fans leave Arrowhead with some dignity. 

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