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Kelly Oubre Jr video

Video of Kelly Oubre Jr. after hit-and-run leaves more questions than answers

The Kelly Oubre Jr. hit-and-run saga has managed to get even more perplexing. TMZ recently obtained a video clip showing him minutes after the accident, which not only didn’t show proof he was hit by a car but also added a number of question marks about the details of the situation.

Kelly Oubre Jr. was clearly wincing in pain as he went into his home with a bicycle in tow:

Look, in all honesty, I don’t care about this story. At least, I wouldn’t if it didn’t continue getting more ridiculous with each passing day.

You might be thinking, “What’s so crazy about this? Just move on.” Well, I’m glad you asked, and no, I won’t.

First of all, this is clearly from Kelly Oubre Jr.’s own security camera, which means he probably leaked it to TMZ to prove the hit-and-run happened. We all believed him and pretty much still do, so that decision is a little confusing, to say the least, if that’s how it went down.

Second, where the hell did that bike come from??? Reports said the entire time that he was walking, but he came home banged up with a bicycle. That just doesn’t add up, especially when you combine it with the fact that we don’t know where the incident really even happened.

What’s driving me nuts is that Kelly Oubre Jr. leaked a video he absolutely did not have to and managed to poke holes in his own story in the process. It feels like he’s digging himself out of a hole he was never in, so he ended up in a hole anyway.

The most important piece of the puzzle is the bike. It quite literally holds the answer to a question I wish Oubre hadn’t forced us to ask.

At first, the craziest discussed possibility was his wife whooping his ass, likely for supposed infidelity with a lady of the night. The video at least disproved that, which is a positive.

Unfortunately, now that the bike is in the picture, the horizons have broadened immensely. I can’t help but question everything now.

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  1. Y’all thinking way too much about this.. he was probably walking his bike across a cross walk and got hit. Which is why they said “pedestrian hit by car” not “cyclist”.

  2. He cleary just crashed his own bike and made up the hit and run story to sound more credible. Guys a problem everywhere he goes and lying about something this minor makes no sense.

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