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Carson Wentz is Superhuman with his back against the wall

Do me a favor Philadelphia: Pick a side and stick to it when speaking about Carson Wentz. You’re either in his corner or not. Don’t you dare hop back on the Wentz wagon after you leave it either.

Carson Wentz, against all odds yet again, silenced the critics Thursday night vs the Giants. He didn’t do it quietly either. The Eagles were trailing the Giants 21-10 with under 6 minutes of football to go. Wentz then strung together two extraordinary drives to win the game.

Keep in mind, this was without three starting receivers, two starting tight ends, three starting o-lineman, and no Miles Sanders. But somehow, someway, Wentz found a way to rally the Eagles to victory.

Philadelphia is taking Wentz for granted. He’s as tough as nails, and has a warrior-like mentality in the game of football. No matter how deep of a hole the Eagles are in; as long as Wentz is the quarterback, The Eagles will always be in the fight.

Sure, Carson Wentz may lead the league in interceptions this season. But, he is far from the problem on the Eagles. Carson’s mishaps are on him, but they are also a product of the poor coaching and talent around him.

Regardless of how bad the NFC East is, Carson leading the Eagles to another division crown would be very impressive. Especially considering the awful circumstances around him.

Mandatory Credit; USA Today Sports

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