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ben simmons open to not playing

Shams: Ben Simmons will do “whatever it takes” to leave Philly

Shams Charania joined The Pat McAfee Show today to talk about Ben Simmons. Literally every show in America and probably Australia is talking about Simmons, who as we all know, now refuses to participate in 76ers practice. The result was him getting suspended for tonight’s season opener against the New Orleans Pelicans. 

In the latest news from Shams, we have a new update on Ben Simmons and what how he plans to handle this situation moving forward. 

“Ben Simmons is willing to do whatever it takes to get out of Philadelphia.. he wants a trade & doesn’t wanna engage with anybody in that building”

You can watch the entire clip here courtesy of Pat McAfee: 

Honestly it’s nothing new. We obviously know by now that Ben Simmons does not want to be in Philadelphia or ever play with the 76ers again. I do hope, however, that the 76ers see this and continue to refuse to bend the knee to Simmons’ demands. 

Ben Simmons deserves absolutely nothing from the 76ers. If I was running the show, I wouldn’t trade him for anything. Keep suspending him and not paying him. Let Simmons sit out for as long as he wants. The 76ers still don’t want trade Simmons for the sake of trading him and hopefully that message continues as we begin the NBA season. 

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