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Ben Simmons skips individual workout, unlikely to make debut against Nets

Ben Simmons, man. He really doesn’t make anything easy on himself. After we found out that the 76ers would not have practice today, the team opted to hold individual workouts for players ahead of the Brooklyn Nets home opener tomorrow night.

Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted out a few updates regarding today’s  news. Apparently Ben Simmons arrived and departed the 76ers practice facility today without taking part in the scheduled individual workout. 

Because Simmons didn’t participate in his workout, his status for tomorrow is definitely unlikely. Simmons has yet to fully engage in a team practice so there’s no shot in hell that he will take the floor with the 76ers, who just had a great season opening performance against the New Orleans Pelicans last night. 

Honestly, I wanted to make Ben Simmons report to Camden and then immediately send him home just to mess with him. Looks like that essentially happened. Nothing new here. We all figured Simmons wasn’t going to play, since he’s apparently doing “whatever it takes” to get out of Philadelphia.

Good riddance.

Mandatory Credit: NY Post

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