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Report: The Sacramento Kings are pondering a Ben Simmons, Tobias Harris trade package

Maybe there is a God after all. There are new reports coming out today from The Athletic’s Sam Amick regarding Ben Simmons and Tobias Harris trade availability.

Over the last few weeks, the trade rumors have reared their ugly heads from all corners of the internet. The main focus of course, has been Ben Simmons and where he might land before the February 10th deadline.

TODAY: The Saga Continues: Ben Simmons trade update, his deleted Instagram account, fines, and a possible third team entering the discussions.

Known rat boy Brian Windhorst mentioned last week that the 76ers could also look to package Tobias Harris in a Ben Simmons deal and move both of them out of Philadelphia before the deadline. I certainly didn’t believe Rat Windhorst. He is a known Klutch Sports talking-head and one of the worst reporters I’ve ever seen on my television.

However, I do really enjoy the work of Sam Amick over at The Athletic. Here’s what he had to say today via The Athletic NBA Show.

“The Kings I do believe are actually pondering the idea of doing (Ben) Simmons and (Tobias) Harris. I don’t think that’s off the table.”

It’s a miracle. Someone is actually pondering the possibility of taking Ben Simmons and Tobias Harris from the Philadelphia 76ers? Am I dreaming? If so, never wake me up. This is my heaven now.

The 76ers had talks with Sacramento last summer regarding De’Aaron Fox, but the Kings weren’t willing to move Fox or include him in any type of deal for Simmons. Back in December, it seemed clear that the Kings remained firm on what they were willing to offer for Ben Simmons, something that Daryl Morey was not interested in.

On Insurrection Day January 6th, I wrote that the 76ers should trade Ben Simmons immediately after reports came out that the Sacramento Kings had softened their stance on player availability in trade talks.

“While I reported in early September that a Kings-Simmons was looking very unlikely, that was long before team officials had a chance to see nearly half a season’s worth of (mostly subpar) play. Sacramento’s interest is definitely there.”

That report came from Sam Amick as well, who has clearly been all over the Kings in relation to Ben Simmons. If the 76ers have the opportunity to move Ben Simmons and Tobias Harris, the deal should be done immediately.

Do the Philadelphia 76ers need De’Aaron Fox in a trade package? Honestly, not really. The emergence of Tyrese Maxey makes Fox look less appealing in a trade package from the Kings. Obviously, we would welcome him with open arms, but I would rather focus on Buddy Hield, Tyrese Haliburton, and Harrison Barnes.

Give the Philadelphia 76ers additional offensive talent in Buddy Hield and Haliburton, throw in Harrison Barnes, and we can send Tobias Harris and baby boy Ben Simmons to California, where he has wanted to be throughout this entire process, and finally move on.

Ideally, everyone from this point on will go radio silence so the idiots over in Sacramento can focus on pondering this type of trade and finally, free the city of Philadelphia from nine months of straight suffering. Roughly 3 weeks until the trade deadline. Say your prayers.

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  1. Trading Tobias is a mistake…. Sacramento has nothing equitable for the Sixers to give up Tobias Harris. I know he’s a little over paid (he should have gotten Horford’s contract) but if you want to win NOW, you keep him. Harris has a healing shoulder injury, his best is yet to come.

  2. Don’t forget to put the bullsht insurrection day in the article.
    You know the day that was worse then pearl harbor and 9.11
    You clown

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