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JiDion Haircut US Open

YouTuber JiDion got a haircut court side last night at the US Open, was rightfully kicked out immediately

The US Open has basically turned into a god damn circus at this point in the stands.

Last night, some YouTuber by the name of JiDion (no idea who he is) was captured on video getting a haircut during the Nick Kyrgios match. Who is JiDion? I have no idea but a quick Google search will tell us that he’s a YouTube prankster.

Sick prank bro. (not really)

JiDion Sitting Court Side, Getting a Haircut

The best part of the video is that literally no one cares and this guy JiDion is looking around basically begging for attention. This is a classic case of “look at me! look at me!” without anyone giving a shit. You’re getting a haircut bro. Cool. We are trying to watch Tennis and have no idea who you are. Go away.

What’s going on at the US Open? A part of me believes that the US Open actually likes this kind of attention and wants it to happen to appeal to a younger audience and attract more eyeballs on social media. If that’s the case, then I understand the marketing plan but at the same time, it’s super lame.

I don’t know how you would be able to get a pair of clippers into the arena in the first place. The entire thing seems bizarre and almost staged at this point.

There were two cool things that happened in the stands at the US Open. 

  1. Ben Simmons getting booed by the entire arena. 
  2. Tiger Woods fist pump for Serena Williams.

We can also add Frances Tiafoe beating Nadal and rocking a Joel Embiid jersey to that list but that technically didn’t happen in the stands.

Outside of that, you had Saquon Barkley pretending he was into tennis and moving around like a weirdo, the boring beer chug girl who can barely chug a beer, and now some YouTuber thinking it was funny to get a haircut at during a Nick Kyrgios match. 

I don’t get it with these people. They are at the US Open. This isn’t a LIV Golf Tournament for crying out loud. Keep the dumb “pranks” and gimmicks away from tennis. Luckily this dude was tossed from the event, but I still question how it happened in the first place.

The US Open is literally the only time that tennis is on the national stage in America and we have these losers trying to take the spotlight and go viral while doing the dumbest things.

Restore law and order to the stands at the US Open!!

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