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Javon Hargrave

Liar: Javon Hargrave is now convinced that the NFC Championship Game would have turned out differently if Brock Purdy didn’t get injured

Former Eagles’ defensive tackle Javon Hargrave joined the San Francisco 49ers last week in free agency and is already talking shit. 

I have no idea what’s in the water out in California or why the 49ers and their insufferable fanbase continues to cry and complain over the NFC Championship Game, but it appears that it has already poisoned Hargrave. 

During an appearance on KNBR, Hargrave said he believes things would have played out differently with better health for the 49ers quarterbacks.

Javon Hargrave on the NFC Championship Game

“We kind of knew it was going to be different when all you can do is run the ball, when both quarterbacks go out, and you know exactly what you’re trying to do,” Hargrave said, via “Of course, it made it a lot easier for us. . . . Trust me, we’ve seen the film on Brock escaping. We knew it was going to be a challenge trying to get to him, so it would have been, definitely, a different game if he had stayed up.”

Lord have mercy. Javon Hargrave, who has been a member of the Philadelphia Eagles for the last three seasons, completely flip-flopped his opinions on the NFC Championship Game now that he’s on the San Francisco 49ers. 

If San Francisco 49ers fans had any sense of self-respect they would immediately call Hargrave out for the most blatant flip-flop by an NFL player in league history. 

Obviously, he doesn’t believe this and is only trying to suck up to his new teammates and fan base. 

At the end of the day, if anyone believes Brock Purdy was the difference in a 31-7 blowout, you’re kidding yourself. If he would have stayed healthy, he wasn’t adding 24+ points to the board. This isn’t Patrick Mahomes we’re talking about, folks. It’s the classic Kyle Shanahan QB product that is elevated by the players around him and the scheme he’s placed in.

Everyone knows this, even Javon Hargrave. So let’s just stop with this nonsense and move on. Please.

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