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howard eskin vs seth joyner

Seth Joyner wants to kick Howard Eskin’s ass for disrespectful comments on 94 WIP

Howard Eskin has ruffled many a feather in his day, but he may have just made a crucial misstep in one of his recent rants. The King set his sights on Seth Joyner with some out-of-pocket comments during a rebuttal of one of his points.

Seth Joyner caught wind of it, and responded by saying the old him “would’ve came right down the station and just kicked his ass”:

I’ll be honest, I think both of these guys are absolute knuckleheads. That being said, Joyner definitely had a reasonable gripe considering Eskin’s choice of words in his response.

Joyner claimed the Eagles needed to run the ball more after their Week 6 loss to the Jets, which isn’t an outlandish take in any form. He followed it up by saying the top 3 teams in football this season are the top 3 in rushing yards.

However reasonable take that was, Howard Eskin took issue with it, calling it a “bogus, phony stat”:

“All this, ‘Run the football’ nonsense is just total nonsense. And Seth Joyner put out the most bogus stat, bogus! I can’t believe he was a former football player. He’s masquerading as a former football player. He says yesterday… the top three teams in football, they all lead the league 1-2-3 in rushing. Why do they lead the league? Because they’re teams that get leads and when they get leads they run the ball. It’s such a ridiculous, asinine, phony stat, stop it!”

He wasn’t done, either, claiming doesn’t understand how the modern game is played. While Eskin may not be far off in the assessment in some respects, saying one of the best defensive players in Eagles history is masquerading as a former player is in and of itself ridiculous and asinine.

Fortunately for these two lovebirds, they just might get their chance to square off on the biggest stage in sports entertainment. Of course, I’m talking about Wrestlemania XL, which will be coming to Lincoln Financial Field in April 2024.

That will give them the perfect opportunity to throw down in front of 90,000 fans. That is, of course, if they can keep their hands off each other until then.

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Very real and legitimate journalist. I don't see a loss on the schedule.

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