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Cowboys Cope: All of Dallas was furious last night, mostly because of Eagles’ Tush Push play

In a game that came down to the very final play, the Philadelphia Eagles got the W over the Dallas Cowboys 28-23 at The Linc Sunday evening. It wasn’t pretty, but they got the job done – which has essentially become the mantra for this year’s squad.

Their now infamous ‘Tush Push’ play has been a staple in the Eagles playbook all season, and they decided to whip it out a few times against their hated rivals Sunday night. Jalen Hurts scored one of his touchdowns on the day running the play and managed to convert a number of third and fourth down attempts with it as well.

The folks in Dallas haven’t taken it very well. Color me surprised.

Several Cowboys social media influencers took to Twitter and Youtube to voice their frustrations with the play. This was easily the best one I’ve managed to find so far.

Cowboys fan claims Eagles ‘have nothing’ without the Tush Push


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Seriously, someone check on this guy.

The amount of vicoral anger emitting from this man is unhealthy. Honestly, you should never get this angry over a play called the Tush Push. You can claim it’s unfair all you want, but we all know deep down that it’s only “unfair” because the Eagles have the personnel and coaching to execute it at a near unstoppable level. It’s only unstoppable when Philly runs it and that’s been demonstrated time and time again throughout this season. No one can do it like we do it.

It wasn’t just fans who were throwing hissy fits either. The Cowboys radio announcers also got in on the crybaby fest, clamoring for the play to get banned numerous times throughout their broadcast.

Cowboys radio announcers begging the NFL to ban the Tush Push

I don’t really get surprised anymore when fans from opposing teams say the NFL should ban this play. But it still bothers me. It’s just childish, really. “My team isn’t good enough to run this play effectively, therefore it should be banned!” Cry me a fucking river.

This last clip isn’t related to the Tush Push directly, but it still made me laugh, so I decided to include it.

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