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AJ Brown

AJ Brown disowns nephew after finding out his favorite NFL player

Despite the win over the Dallas Cowboys, there was still some heartbreak in Philadelphia this week. Eagles receiver and freak of nature/alien AJ Brown took to Twitter last night to express his disappointment with his nephew, who claimed his favorite player in the NFL is Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson.

Brown made it clear that because his own family chose Jefferson over him, his nephew would not be receiving any Christmas presents this year. He made it very clear that the only way the youngin would get presents is if Jefferson bought them.

Guess AJ Brown’s nephew will have to wait and see if Uncle JJ comes through with a gift this year:

AJ Brown said “My nephew favorite player Justin Jefferson. lol It be your own family. We going to see if Jet get him something for Christmas because I’m not lol”

Damn… it really is your own family sometimes. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but I’m glad AJ Brown was able to make some humor in this soul-crushing scenario.

Fortunately for both him and Eagles fans, he’ll have the bye week to process these emotions. No matter how funny he made the situation, betrayal from your family is never easy to get over.

It’ll be interesting to see how Justin Jefferson responds. He’s still on his rookie contract which, while nothing to sneeze at, probably has him in a spot where he’d rather not spend money on the nephew of a receiver that’s better than him.

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