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Jalen Hurts CeeDee Lamb Oklahoma Sooners

SportsCenter posts photo of former Oklahoma Sooners teammates CeeDee Lamb and Jalen Hurts flashing the “Horns Down” symbol after Sunday night’s game

Following the Philadelphia Eagles 28-23 win over the Dallas Cowboys, Jalen Hurts and CeeDee Lamb got together on the field and posed for pictures before heading back to the locker room. 

While the two are certainly NFC East rivals now, they do share a bond together given the fact that they both played college football at Oklahoma. 

Lamb played for the Sooners from 2017-2019 before leaving for the NFL. He was ultimately drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in 2020. As for Hurts, he transferred to Oklahoma for the 2019 season and was a second-round pick by the Eagles in 2020. 

SportsCenter shared a photo on Twitter yesterday that showed Hurts and Lamb together following the game both flashing the “Horns Down” symbol, which of course indicates an “anti-Texas” college football stance. 

Jalen Hurts & CeeDee Lamb: HORNS DOWN

Of course, Jalen Hurts is in the clear here because he plays in Philadelphia, but I wonder what the reaction would be from the Texas faithful that are also scumbag Dallas Cowboys fans?

Luckily for Lamb, I doubt any Cowboys fans were sticking around for postgame celebrations Sunday night and on top of that, are probably doing their best to stay off social media or too busy complaining about “the refs” and how Dak Prescott is still an “amazing quarterback” to notice. 

Let’s all just be happy this happened while both players are in the NFL and not in college, where players are now penalized for flashing the “horns down” symbol. 

I’m a WVU alumni so I know first hand how annoying Texas is and how bad it looks that they care so much about the “Horns Down” gesture. In 2018, West Virginia University beat the Longhorns 42-41 and quarterback Will Grier and wide receiver David Sills V were both flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct penalties after flashing Horns Down gesture following touchdowns.

I will say, WVU wasn’t the first to do it. Baker Mayfield flashed it back in 2016 when the Sooners beat Texas but Will Grier still has the best “Horns Down” celly of all time.

Will Grier: HORNS DOWN

Texas, a bunch of losers, had their “legendary coach” Mack Brown call the hand gesture “disrespectful” and initially started the conversation with the league about issuing a penalty for opposing teams who do it. 

After WVU beat Texas, their dork quarterback Sam Ehlinger said the following: 

“I remember every single team/player that disrespects the rich tradition of the University of Texas by putting the Horns down. Do not think it will be forgotten in the future.”

Chillout Sammy. Weirdo.

That started the penalties for the gesture in the Big 12 but luckily, it looks like when Texas makes the leap to the SEC, they won’t carry much weight with “Horns Down” unsportsmanlike penalties because, well, SEC doesn’t cater to the bottom feeder teams in their conference. 

Anyways, good stuff from Jalen Hurts and CeeDee Lamb. Horns Down.

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