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Memorial Day Weekend Rips: Sixers play basketball, you’re too drunk to read this

Many folks have been tweeting about their long weekends for memorial day, but not this guy. I and the other young guns at TLL will be spending the weekend like we do every weekend, locked in Drew’s basement, hand-making DSGN Tree shirts for the public. It ain’t much, but it’s honest work.

Luckily, Drew has promised to provide us with unlimited locally-brewed beer and crusts of bread for the weekend, which is better than anything I cooked this week. Not sure what he’s been doing with the rest of the bread, but I assume it’s sexual. Regardless, forget about the fever dream of existence I’ll be leading this weekend and have a ball. I know you’re already blacked out in Wildwood, so there’s no time like the present to let it rip.

Sixers look to finish off the Wizards.

As I, a person that actually watches basketball, predicted, the Sixers are up 2-0 in the series and in prime position to sweep the hapless Wizards. Popcorn tossing aside, the city of Philly has yet to take an L during these playoffs. I don’t anticipate this changing as long as we’re playing the Wiz.

The game Saturday night will be good background noise. So, when you’ve had about six too many Teddy Brewskis, you can still hear the sweet sounds of Zumoff and Alaa while you take a Wiz.

The game is at 7pm on ESPN. It’s not in the primetime slot because the Wizards suck that bad.

Phillies go Zero Dark Thirty

Not sure why you’re reading this still but, hey, you clicked. If you want content, I’ve gotta give it to you. Such is the social contract I signed.

Joe Girardi basically told the media to eff of this week, which will make for an annoying week of complaining from Philly sports media. I love sportswriters, and I sort of am one but, I notice media people can become major crybabies in situations like this.

Doesn’t matter to me, the Phillies suck right now, and that’s all there is to it. I don’t need Joe Girardi to tell me every little detail because I’m not my ex-girlfriend asking where I was all night. More comments to come on that front.

Whatever. The Phillies play the Rays. I’m 35% sure my favorite player in MLB, Ji-Man Choi, is healthy. Shows what I know.

Day games Saturday and Sunday will be fun, I guess. Is work over yet?

Liberty Line Radio: THE DREAM LIVES

Oh hell yeah, baby. Leo, Luke, Jack, and I are back and better than ever, probably. Luke is taking the reigns this week, allowing me to sit back, have a Miller Lite, and absolutely derail any meaningful conversation the boys are having. Outrageous fun.

This episode was recorded immediately following the blowout win against the Wizards on Wednesday night, so be prepared for the electric energy my guys brought to the show.

Tune in Saturday from 5-6pm on Fox Sports The Gambler.

The Liberty Line

Well, as I said, I’ll be locked in Drew’s basement with some other dudes making those awesome DSGN Tree shirts. Be sure to cop one and look fresh all Summer long. It wasn’t made with love. Instead, it was made with adrenaline, resentment, fear for my life.

Vic and Drew also got into a fight today, and it was like watching my parents argue, except over t-shirt designs. I sent a crude photoshop into the chat to help, but I think they’re each plotting the other’s murder as I write this. This isn’t really the truth, but for two guys who rarely ever disagree on something, it sure was delightful. At the end of the day, more designs are coming and it will surely send the other “t-shirt guys” into full on “cancel DSGN Tree because they’re better at everything” mode we have seen in year’s past.

Hopefully, neither of them follows through on their nefarious plot to end the other’s life. That would really put a damper on the record-breaking month we’ve had here at The Liberty Line. I don’t want to say I’m the sole reason the site has popped off as it has, but I also won’t say I’ve held it back either.

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