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Jalen Hurts Stands Collapse

FedEx Field continues to fall apart, this time almost killing Jalen Hurts 

The Philadelphia Eagles beat the Washington Football Team 20-16 today at FedEx Field and inch even closer to securing a spot in the 2022 NFL playoffs via the Wild Card.

Before the game, we saw a video circling around of outdated signage throughout the stadium with “Redskins” still listed inside the stadium, which made us wonder how a $4.2 billion franchise hasn’t updated their stadium since the name change.

That got me thinking about how shitty of a stadium FedEx Field is. We all remember the videos of sewage literally pouring out of the ceilings of the club boxes. This stadium and franchise is an absolute dumpster.

Now after today’s game, Jalen Hurts is walking back to the locker room and as he approaches the tunnel, fans started to reach down to grab a quick high five from Hurts. From there, the entire siding of the stands collapses, throwing Eagles fans down to the ground, just missing Hurts.

Jalen Hurts being the great guy that he is, stops and makes sure everyone is okay and gives a few Eagles fans a hug and an opportunity to snap some pictures before heading into the tunnel.

No way in hell we can have our franchise quarterback winning a football game and trying to get back to the locker room while avoiding collapsing stands.

Also, shoutout to Eagles fans for popping up like absolutely nothing happened to say whats up to Jalen Hurts. Best fans in the world and honestly, it’s not even close.

I think it’s about time we just get rid of the Washington Football Team completely and burn this stadium to the ground before anyone else gets hurt or human shit dumped on their heads.

Go Birds. Fly Eagles Fly.

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