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Micah Parsons

Connecting The Dots: Micah Parsons confirms his desire to play for the Eagles

Dallas Cowboys LB Micah Parsons has stayed true to his roots since coming to the NFL.

Texas may be Parsons’ current home, but he was originally born in Harrisburg, PA, and played football at Penn State, where he became a national superstar.

In his latest attempt to maneuver a trade to Philly, Parsons showed up to Game 4 between the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers yesterday wearing a Tyrese Maxey jersey. 

Micah Parsons at Game 4 — Celtics vs. Sixers

Parsons walked courtside during pregame warmups and even got to say hello to Maxey, who is a Dallas, Texas native, which the Cowboys player was quick to point out as Dallas fans were none-too-pleased to see their defensive star repping the city of Philadelphia. 

Micah Parsons repping Tyrese Maxey in Philadelphia for Game 4

Parsons wearing a Sixers jersey reignited the flames in the jokes made about the All-Pro desperately wanting to join the Philadelphia Eagles. Parsons hasn’t been bashful about his Phillies fandom either, tweeting about them throughout their awe-inspiring playoff run last season.

Before Game 3 of the World Series got underway at Citizen’s Bank Park, Parsons posted a tweet predicting a Phillies win, to which Lane Johnson dropped eye emojis in response.

Parsons in Philly for Game 3 of the 2022 World Series

Note: The Philadelphia Phillies won 7-0 in Game 3 of the World Series and the 76ers evened the series against the Boston Celtics yesterday with an overtime thriller. Both games, Parsons was in attendance.

Just saying …

The “Micah Parsons to Philly” speculation doesn’t end there.

Before the Eagles played the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl, Parsons tweeted to Lane showing his support for Philadelphia with the message “Win the Super Bowl for the NFC East.” Parsons continuously interacts with Eagles players on Twitter and has chatted it up with Darius Slay on a number of occasions.

During the 2023 NFL Draft, Parsons joined the Bleacher Report broadcast with AJ Brown as a guest after the Eagles selected Jalen Carter. Brown told Parsons to just “be a Philadelphia Eagle at this point” and that he knows the Dallas linebacker wants to be a part of “this great organization”.

AJ Brown tells Micah Parsons to join the Eagles

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He also clearly doesn’t get this kind of food in Dallas, evidenced by the way Parsons devoured those wings.

At this point, it’s difficult to think that our posts on The Liberty Line about Micah Parson’s love for the city are simply “troll posts” or “clickbait”.

There are countless examples of Parsons interacting and attending Philadelphia sporting events, making it more and more clear that he wishes he was playing in the city of Brotherly Love.

The only thing left to happen now is for Parsons to request a trade to the Eagles. If that doesn’t happen over the next year or two, keep an eye on his current contract with the Cowboys.

Howie Roseman should start working the phones now.

Micah Parsons

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  1. What a bunch of 🐂 💩 lol the guy is from PA and supporting his damn childhood home teams
    He’s not going anywhere, when it comes time to pay the man, Jerrah will back up the dump truck in his back yard. Weak AF article 😂

    1. Yeah right man. Not only is he coming to Philly but he’s going to take alot less money to do it. Can’t wait to see him in Eagles green.

  2. What a stupid ass article. He stated numerous times before he was drafted how he wanted to play for the cowboys. Of course he’s supporting the sixers, he’s from PA. Quit making sh*t up.

  3. Dream on. How many NFL players free grew up Cowboys fans and play for other teams? Uh “Dallas” Goedert.

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