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WATCH: Nick Sirianni thanks Eagles fans for raucous atmosphere after 25-11 win over Buccaneers

In case you missed it, Eagles fans took over Raymond James Stadium on Monday night. With 59% of the fans in attendance supporting the Birds, it felt like a home game, and Nick Sirianni was fired up by the traveling fans.

Sirianni went up into the stands to celebrate with the best fans in sports:

The fans love this team, and it’s great to see when the love gets reciprocated. If there wasn’t a rule against it, I’m sure he would have jumped the barricade and did a Stone Cold Steve Austin double beer chug.

It’s honestly a rare sight to see in the NFL these days, but Nick Sirianni, much like every other coach or player who finds success in Philadelphia, continuously dives head-first into the city’s passion for their sports team.

The fact that he embraces Eagles fans and does the smallest of things, like greeting those who flew down to Tampa and bought tickets to watch the Birds beat up on the Bucs, speaks volumes to who he is as a coach and, more importantly, as a person who understands this fanbase.

I do feel for this usher, though. He had to watch his squad get rocked, surrounded by opposing supporters, and then stand idly by as Nick Sirianni joined the party right in front of him. Talk about a tough day at the office.

Sirianni celebrated right in this dude's face.

The Liberty Line crew has been down in Clearwater Beach, Florida, since Friday (TLL Friday Night..), and let me tell you, the place was jam-packed with Eagles fans. 

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Sure, I completely understand that there are other travel groups outside of Phans of Philly, and maybe I’m a little biased, but the hundreds that showed up for Monday Night Football between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and our Eagles were fantastic. 

As usual, Phans of Philly had airfare, travel to and from the airport, rooms, happy hours, and tailgates scheduled for the entire trip. They emailed us a full itinerary, Brent Celek and Beau Allen were partying with us, and the always-popular Dunphy was all over the place the last 4 days. 

Phans of Philly – Travel and Tailgate Packages Still Available

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