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James Harden Daryl Morey Sign

James Harden hosts party, had bottle service holding up ‘Daryl Morey is a liar’ signs

James Harden was reportedly hosting a party for himself and in the video highlighting the event, bottle service girls were seen holding up signs that said “Daryl Morey is a Liar”.

James Harden “Daryl Morey is a Liar” Sign

Note: I have done the whole “table and bottle service” thing multiple times so I’m well aware that even while this is James Harden’s party, there’s a chance that this sign has nothing to do with him and was requested by someone else in attendance.

Regardless, I honestly can’t understand why James Harden thinks that this type of shit is a good idea to even be around. Fine, he doesn’t like Daryl Morey. I totally get that and really, don’t even give a shit at this point.

However, he was already fined $100,000 for making those same comments while he was doing the bidding of Adidas and the communists on his Chinese country-wide tour and now he’s at the club with bottle service signs delivering the same message.

In what world does Harden think this will help his chances of getting traded? Why would any NBA team want to acquire him if he’s going to pull this shit every few seasons? We saw it happen in Houston, then in Brooklyn, and now in Philly.

Talk about plummeting your trade value. Christ.

Maybe Harden doesn’t want to play basketball anymore? The more this continues, it’s likely that’s the answer. At this point in his career, Harden has joined the ranks of aging NBA superstars that think they are worth way more to a team than they actual are. Mix in all of the drama off the court and he has to be the least desired “superstar” in the entire league.

Sixers media day is right around the corner and the start of the 2023-24 NBA season for this team will begin on the road against the Bucks, who just acquired Damian Lillard yesterday.

But of course, back in Philly we’re just dealing with another soap opera offseason and a fan base that gets more distant from this team by the second.

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