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LeBron James begged Jason and Travis Kelce to let him on popular ‘New Heights’

The Kelce family are media darlings, and everyone is trying to cash in. Amazon did a documentary about Jason, Taylor Swift hitched her wagon to Travis, and mom Donna is raking in the ad money like it’s nobody’s business. It’s gotten to the point where even NBA legend LeBron James is practically begging them to let them on the ‘New Heights’ podcast.

LeBron James tweeted at the Kelce brothers trying to get in on the gravy train:

In a way, he is right. When it comes to the cultural zeitgeist of today, Jason and Travis are the new kings of NE Ohio. Well, since there’s two of them, it’s more like Roman consuls, but that’s not really relevant to the matter at hand.

Who would have thought we’d see King James bend the knee to a pair of athletes from a different sport, much less because they have a popular podcast.

Jordan would never do that, just saying. He’d show up to the set unannounced and bet ownership of the show on a dice game, which he would win.

Instead, we’ve got LeBron begging for spare clout on the TL. What has this world come to?

LeBron to the Kelce brothers

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