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Make it Stop: Braves fan releases horrific rap song ahead of NLDS Game 1

Another MLB post-season means another terrible rap song about one of the contending teams. Last year, Padres fans thoroughly embarrassed themselves. Now it’s time for Atlanta Braves fans to look like total idiots.

This Braves fan really thought he did something:

Jesus Christ. That is straight-up awful. This wouldn’t even make the cut on a Sexyy Red album. Lord Have Mercy on my ears, I can never un-hear that song.

I’m especially disappointed because this guy makes some pretty funny content. Plus, it’s clear he can rap. Not as well as I can, but that’s not entirely relevant to the situation here.

This is actually worse than “That’s What’s In.” He put too much production value into something that ultimately sucked. Meanwhile, the guys in San Diego were just hanging out, spitting some (admittedly wack) bars with the homies.

Braves fan

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Very real and legitimate journalist. I don't see a loss on the schedule.

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  1. You’re an actual dipshit if you don’t understand this guy is a comedian and the song is a joke.

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