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Weak Minded: Orlando Arcia, Braves dugout couldn’t handle heckling Phillies fans during Game 4

Everyone knows the Atlanta Braves suck and are lame crybaby whiners with more excuses than runs scored in the NLDS (8). They further bolstered that reputation with Orlando Arcia & Co. being totally unable to handle the heckling from Phillies fans.

The Braves’ newest installment of embarrassment began with Orlando Arcia snapping at the fans behind the dugout:

Jesus Christ, look at this guy. He talked shit, got caught, bitched, and now is going back and forth with fans like a toddler that missed his nap.

Orlando Arcia is probably going to sue the cameraman for invasion of privacy. After all, the visiting dugout in a playoff series is a sanctuary. Sure, it’s surrounded by TV cameras rolling at all times, but this is different because it reflects negatively on the individual in question.

Does that make sense for you? Me neither, but that’s the logic I’ve been hearing all week from the Cope Master Generals that make up the Braves fanbase.

Acuña couldn’t help but get involved, telling the crowd to zip it after Austin Riley’s home run:

Nice one, bud! How’d that work out for you? Maybe jumped the gun in 4th inning a little bit, but that’s okay.

Ohhhhh, right. The Phils went on to tie the game in the same inning and win the game, clinching the series. But you sure showed them!!

Guess the only thing quiet in Philly was your bat. Some MVP, huh?

Orlando Arcia

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Mandatory Credit: Jomboy Media & Barstool Sports

Very real and legitimate journalist. I don't see a loss on the schedule.

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