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Arizona reporter couldn’t find a single Diamondbacks fan in Citizens Bank Park before Game 2 of the NLCS

Phillies fans went absolutely berserk during Games 1 and 2 of the NLCS at Citizens Bank Park. Being there Monday and watching the broadcast Tuesday, I couldn’t help but feel the Bank was filled by 100% Phils fans.

My suspicions were confirmed by a local Arizona news station who went on the hunt for Diamondbacks fans and found… ZERO:

This is one of the least surprising topics I’ve ever covered for The Liberty Line. I didn’t see a single opposing fan in the concourse during Game 1, and that’s apparently because out of the 45,000+ people in attendance, all of them were disciples of the Church of Red October.

I can’t really blame Diamondbacks fans, though. Philly is across the country, tickets are expensive, and their team never had a chance in this series. They knew that before it started, even if they didn’t realize it at the time.

Imagine flying 5 hours to watch your top two pitchers give up 3 combined home runs in the first inning. That’s money and time you’d never get back. Smart business decisions by Diamondbacks fans.

It’d be brutal watching your squad get walloped 10-0, surrounded by rabid Phillies fans. Just look at the scenes before the game even started.

Not a single diamondbacks fan in the house

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Mandatory Credit: Franzke & LA

Very real and legitimate journalist. I don't see a loss on the schedule.

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