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WATCH: Phillies fan gets into absurd police horse chase ahead of NLCS Game 7

The energy in Philadelphia today ahead of Game 7 has been nothing short of chaotic and has ramped up quickly as we approach first pitch. It was initially tough to pinpoint exactly when Philly fans went full nutjob, but when news broke of a fan being chased by police horses through stadium parking lots, it became clear we were officially in Game 7 mode.

While it sounded more like an urban legend than a breaking news story, folks down on the ground continued to corroborate the report. Pretty soon, we had hard evidence of

Fortunately, a Phillies fan was able to catch the end of the legendary police horse chase on tape:

Philly fans and police horses have had a bit of a checkered history over the past decade or so. There were two instances of a fan punching a police horse during the Eagles Super Bowl run.

Which means… dare I say it? I won’t because this is getting published minutes before Game 7. But if (and when) we do win, I’m going to edit this blog and claim this sealed the victory before the game even started.

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Very real and legitimate journalist. I don't see a loss on the schedule.

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