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Wally at Wells Fargo Center

Flyers let Wally the Emotional Support Alligator into the Wells Fargo Center, justice is served at last

Once again, Wally the Emotional Support Alligator is making headlines at a Philadelphia sporting event. He was spotted in the concourse at the Wells Fargo Center on his way to catch a Flyers game, and the internet was immediately sent into a tizzy.

Wally was living his best life at the Flyers game:

I know alligators are cold-blooded, so I was a little nervous he wouldn’t enjoy being in a literal ice box. But based on the photos and videos from the event, it’s clear it didn’t bother him at all.

Of course, you’ll likely remember when our guy Wally tried to take in a baseball game at Citizens Bank Park. He was unceremoniously denied entry upon arrival, which had many Phillies fans up in arms.

We didn’t realize it then, but the negative vibes omitted from that moment immediately cursed the Phillies’ season. Our World Series hopes were dashed and we were too blind to see it. If only they had just #LetHimIn.

The Flyers were smart to avoid that bad omen. Gritty even stopped by to say what’s up to Wally, even getting the little fella on the jumbotron so everyone in the building would be aware of the legend in their midst.

While I find Gritty to be a cringelord these days, the photo op they got during the game yielded some pretty quality snaps.

What can I say? Everything this gator touches turns to gold.

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Mandatory Credot: amy 38Photography - @flyersgirl38 on Twitter

Very real and legitimate journalist. I don't see a loss on the schedule.

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  1. Emitted not omitted. Using the wrong word completely changes the meaning of the sentence and, bc of that, it makes no sense.

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