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Travis Kelce on A Philly Special Christmas Special

Jason and Travis Kelce release new single “Fairytale of Philadelphia,” reach #1 on US iTunes

Jason and Travis Kelce continue to make waves in popular culture, whether you’re tired of seeing it or not. The brothers teamed up for a song off the new A Philly Special Christmas Special album on Wednesday, and the song was immediately a hit, shooting up the charts as soon as it was released.

Jason and Travis Kelce hit #1 on the US iTunes charts with their single “Fairytale of Philadelphia”:

If you haven’t tuned in, you can find the song on Spotify and, of course, iTunes and Apple Music. I’ve also included a link to the YouTube video at the end of this post if you want to give it a listen real quick to see how it is.

I’ll admit, when I heard Travis was going to be on the album, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. Having the guy who beat the Eagles in the Super Bowl featured on a project aimed directly at Philly fans

But, as we so often forget, family is bigger than football. He also gives a pretty damn good performance on the song, all things considered. Sure, he’s no Jordan Mailata, but who is?

The official Instagram account posted a clip explaining how the song came about, and how Travis Kelce wound up getting the call to join his brother Jason in the studio.

You may be sick and tired of seeing Jason and Travis Kelce in the media between the Taylor Swift saga and the commercials with their mom, but that’s the wrong way to look at it. These guys are at the peak of their powers as athletes, but their careers could end at any moment. Setting themselves up for the future while enjoying every bit of the moment they can is pretty much the perfect way to live.

That said, if Taylor Swift isn’t wearing Eagles green on Monday night, there will be consequences.

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